DA&T Clients Imane

We have successfully designed and executed complex analyses of Warfighting system of system capabilities. We have also been part of designing, managing, and participating in Integrated Product Teams.  This experience enables DA&T’s Decision Support Products to serve individual decision makers, Organizational Decision Points, and Organizational Decision Processes. Recent Past Performance includes:

  • Navy AEA System of System Capability Roadmap and Requirements Analysis Support
  • EA-18G Conformal Fuel Tank as an AEA Investment Study
  • EA-18G Capability Roadmap and Requirements Analysis
  • Next Generation Jammer FSA, FRA, AoA, CDD
  • N81 Future Shipboard EW Study
  • MAGTF EW Capabilities and Requirements Analysis
  • MAGTF EW ICD Development
  • Software Reprogrammable Payload Requirements
  • AFRL Navigation Warfare Roadmap
  • Air Force GPS Directorate M-Code EA Compatibility Analysis
  • JEMSO Knowledge Management System Concept Development
  • J-6/JIEDDO Tactical Analytic and Test Support
  • J-39 Decision Support